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"The visit at Baan Gerda left a lasting impression and has encouraged me in following-up the problem of HIV in Thailand. May I above all say that every Baht, Dollar and Euro invested in Baan Gerda is a good investment helping children in need in a most direct form. I will try my best to support Baan Gerda in the future."
Andreas von Stechow, German Ambassador




BaanGerda is financed through the Children’s Rights Foundation in Bangkok. The Foundation has no endowment and is dependent on donations. Antiretroviral (ARV) treatment is a long-term commitment for people living with HIV. It is therefore vital that we have regular income to meet their needs.

We also have a long-term commitment to preparing the children for the future, and ensuring that all their educational and vocational needs are met. Budgetary requirements are difficult to anticipate, as we do not know how many children will become resistant to first line ARV, which would substantially increase the cost of medication. Presently we have to care for 19 resistant children.

How you can help

While the survival, happiness and health of our children are our most important pay-back, BaanGerda desperately needs to strengthen its finances. We would be delighted if you were willing and able to make a contribution.

Leave a legacy
With over 70 children living at BaanGerda, one of our main priorities is to ensure financial stability for the future. Legacies are one of the best ways of providing us with funds that will support our children for many years to come. When you're preparing your will, please consider making a gift to BaanGerda.

Sponsor a child
We are grateful for all donations, but we encourage you to consider sponsoring a child and becoming a godparent. We also welcome companies and organizations to become involved in sponsoring our children. The cost works out at 100 Euros per month. Your donation will provide them with the basic necessities such as medical care, accommodation and food. It will fund their education so that they go to school, and it will give them the life-saving medication they need. That means they can have a normal and happy time growing up, just as every child has the right to.

Can't afford this amount? Why not join together with friends, family and work colleagues to sponsor a child. It’s worth noting, however, that as insurmountable as such a cost may be for a suffering Thai orphan, it is well within the means of many more fortunate. Think of the life-saving impact you can have.

View a short presentation made by the godparents of one of the children at BaanGerda.

Single donation
If you wish to make a one-off donation instead, you can simply choose the amount and one of the following methods to make your contribution.

By bank transfer
This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make a donation. More information on our bank accounts in Germany and Thailand that can accept transfers.

By credit card
An online donation will take just a few minutes and is completely safe, using our secure payment processor, PayPal

By post
You can download and print the donation form (for single donations). Simply fill in the information and decide if you would like to pay by cheque or postal order, and return the form to us with payment.

You can be assured that BaanGerda will spend your donation effectively and that it will have a real impact on the lives of these children.

Donations from American and German residents are tax deductible

Other ways to help

EVERYONE can help in some way, and it needn't cost any money. There are many ways in which you can support the children of BaanGerda

Link to the BaanGerda website
Links to our website are valuable and bring us many more visitors. If you have a website, blog or Myspace page, why not set up a link to our homepage or use one of our banners.

Include a footer on your emails
Raise awareness and show you care by including a footer on your email. It costs nothing and takes just a few minutes to set up.

Tell your friends
There really is nothing like word of mouth so please tell your friends, family and work colleagues about BaanGerda, our children and how you support us.

There are lots of methods to raise funds and it is a great way to support your favorite charity. Schools, universities and companies can all get involved. Check out some of these ideas


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