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"I wish that there will be many Baan Gerdas all over the world."
Christina Rau, patron of UNICEF, and former First Lady of Germany



Our unique approach: Family home care for orphans

It is part of our mission to share our experiences with others who seek to improve the lives of HIV positive children. When we began BaanGerda, we were unable to find much in the way of expertise or advice on home care for orphans with AIDS. We have learned some important lessons; our hope is that they might be of value to others. Our target is those providing ARV for orphans with HIV in family-style homes rather than institutional settings, or anyone with a more general interest in such children.

BaanGerda provides home care for orphans with HIV & AIDS

BaanGerda is the only organization in Thailand that provides family-style homes for orphans, as well as comprehensive HIV care. We believe this structure plays a great role in the recovery and continued health of our HIV positive children, and can provide a useful framework for other organizations interested in the family-setting approach. It is our vision that one day BaanGerda will no longer be necessary and that the children will be cared for within their communities.

The technical and managerial aspects of how to create family and societal harmony will, of course, vary between countries and organizations. However, when it comes to ARV treatment, there is no scope for flexibility. It is imperative for any organization like BaanGerda to follow specialist advice to minimize the likelihood of treatment failure.

If anyone is truly committed to creating family settings and comprehensive HIV care we would welcome you to stay at BaanGerda to share our experiences first hand.